Saturday, April 30, 2005

America's Foremost Expert!

Joey Novick
"America’s Foremost Expert”™
Corporate Put-Ons and Imposter Performances
Especially Designed for Your Company or Conference!

Joey Novick is “America’s Foremost Expert"…on anything and everything! Whether you want him to be a regional bank president, a Federal securities analyst, your recently elected Congressman or the new CEO of your company, you can count on Joey to become an “expert” ----sometimes over night!

Joey has over two decades of professional improvisational comedy experience, performing stand-up comedy at such clubs as Catch A Rising Star, the Comedy Cabaret and Bananas Comedy Club. Joey trained in comedy improvisation with the Improv Olympic’s Del Close and famed improvisation workshop director Paul Sills. As an improvisational actor trained in developing ‘on the spot’ characters, Joey worked with the folks from The Groundlings and Chicago City Limits. And at the famous New York comedy club The Comic Strip, Joey performed with Robin Williams with the house improv group.

Joey can create for you the astonishingly believable "imposter/expert" of your choice --- that will have everyone at your conference or company meeting completely fooled! Then the laughter begins! He draws on his background from his law school education at Seton Hall School of Law, his countless presentations for many Fortune 500 companies, and his many years an elected Councilman in New Jersey ----all to give the most realistic "imposter" spin to any corporate event or industry conference!

Joey cautiously screens all of his comedy material directly with his clients to ensure that it is in good taste, extremely funny, and just right for the occasion. You can be sure that Joey's comedy material is always strictly clean and that his mild "send-up" of the key topics and people you select will absolutely entertain everyone in the room.

As a speaker and humor presenter, Joey Novick has performed for numerous Fortune 500 companies including MetLife, AT&T, and Merrill Lynch. He is a regularly featured presenter for many government groups including the New Jersey League of Municipalities, the National League of Cities, National Association of Counties, and the New York Conference of Mayors. His programs has been featured in the New York Times, Newark Star-Ledger, National Public Radio, AP Newswire, and ABC News.

Joey is most certainly "America’s Foremost Expert”™. And he will have everyone at your event completely fooled…. and roaring with laughter!

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